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What Does the Center for Educational Assessment Do?
Researchers at the Center for Educational Assessment study the experiences of UCLA undergraduates and their instructors, mentors, and advisers. Through customized data collection, they evaluate the impact of various academic experiences on student learning and development and assess student satisfaction with undergraduate education. Ultimately, their work sheds light on the ways in which aspects of the educational experience influence student learning outcomes. It is a collaborative effort, and results are shared with and informed by researchers at UCLA and at colleges and universities across the country.

To understand the undergraduate experience of UCLA undergraduates, the center does the following:

Survey Research
The center has primary responsibility for the Senior Survey which explores the views of students and their lives on campus, their studies, and their plans after graduating. The center also assists with administering at UCLA the University of California Undergraduate Experience Survey as well as the Cooperative Institutional Research Program Freshmen Survey and Follow-Up Surveys, and communicates findings to inform both administrators and policymakers of issues related to student academic development.

Program Assessment
The center designs and implements assessment programs tailored to UCLA's emerging curricular efforts. Projects include research on general education initiatives, undergraduate seminars, capstone experiences, and undergraduate facilitated courses.