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Departmental Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How are Honors Contracts processed by the Department? Honors Contracts are initiated by the students themselves and are limited only to College Honors students, in lecture courses in departments under the College of Letters and Science (with the exception of Graduate School of Education), with professors with teaching appointments. The instructions for students to create contracts are listed here. Once a student and faculty has agreed to the contract terms, the student should present the Department with a signed contract by the end of 2nd week or by the end of 3rd week (with a fee).

    Please Note: Departments have full control over due dates of Honors Contracts. Please be sure to make your students aware if your department requires contracts to be turned in earlier.

    Once the student has turned in the signed contract, the contract must be approved by the department chair or the approved authorizing representative. Contracts are then approved by the Department using Counselor Desktop. Through Counselor Desktop, enter the student's ID number and click on "contract courses". If you are authorized to do so, approve or deny the proposed contract accordingly. This action automatically adds a 1-unit Department 89HC or Department 189HC given this action is taken before the end of 3rd week. IF you are trying to process a contract after the end of 3rd week, please refer to the instructions on processing late adds of Honors Contracts.

    If nobody in your department has access to Counselor Desktop, please send the student with both signatures on the Honors Contract and a note on letterhead (explaining the department does not have access to Counselor Desktop) to the Registrar's Office. Typically, the Registrar's Office will add the course for the student unless it is a late add, in which case, the student must bring the Honors Contract with a late add form to the Honors office.

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  3. A student wants to late add an Honors Contract but Counselor Desktop won't let me. What can I do?
    Although the system won't let the Department add the contract, the College still needs to know if the Department approves of the proposed contract. If a student brings a contract to the Department after the end of 3rd week, the Department will follow the same instructions in terms of approving an Honors Contract through Counselor Desktop.

    Since it is a late add, Counselor Desktop will not automatically add the 1-unit course as it would before the end of 3rd week. Instead of approved, it will say, "Approved - Enrollment Unsuccessful". This is perfect. We won't need the contract because we will look for the approval through Counselor Desktop. You would then instruct the student to submit a signed late add petition to the Honors office.

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  5. How does an Honors Seminar get created?
    Typically an Honors Seminar is initiated by the professor and a group of 8 or more students that are interested in doing some type of Honors coursework. The Department would then utilize the Course Inventory Management System (CIMS) to create a 1-unit adjunct Department 89 or Department 189. The course title should read for example: "Honors Seminar for Communication Studies 10, Lecture 1". Please make sure that it corresponds with the desired lecture course.

    For instructions on how to create an Honors Seminar, please refer to the Honors Seminar Guidelines.

    For more general information regarding Honors Seminars.

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