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Rhodes Scholarship

For Seniors or Recent Graduates Interested in Graduate Study at Oxford University

Outstanding UCLA seniors or recent graduates are invited to apply for a Rhodes Scholarship. Rhodes Scholarships finance young Americans of exceptional ability to study at the University of Oxford in England for a graduate degree in any discipline.

Thirty-two scholarships will be awarded in November 2014 to American students to cover the cost of study for one or two years at Oxford University to begin in Fall 2015.

An applicant must be nominated by UCLA and:

1) be a citizen of the United States or be a Permanent Resident, as of October 2009 or earlier (eligibility as a Permanent Resident is pending final approval by the Rodes Trust)
2) by October 1, 2014 have passed the eighteenth and not have passed the twenty-fourth birthday
3) hold a Bachelor's Degree before entering Oxford in Fall 2015
4) have a demonstrated record of academic excellence, leadership, and service

Further Information: Please read the Rhodes Scholarship website (http://www.rhodesscholar.org/) thoroughly before contacing the UCLA representative below.

For UCLA nomination:
Please contact (as soon as possible before the campus deadline below and preferably before the end of Spring Quarter 2014)
G. Jennifer Wilson: gjwilson@college.ucla.edu

UCLA Campus Deadline for Nomination:
Monday, September 15, 2014