Under Construction
Documents aspects of the campaign Do You See Me Now? the Los Angeles Black Worker Center has developed to empower and raise awareness of the lack of Black workers hired at construction sites in the L.A. County. By Andrene Scott, Vladimir Santos, Anthony Elder, Isaura Rivera-Anagnos
In Pain
A portrait of the filmmaker’s mother, a former figure skating coach who reflects on the physical and social pain of a career-ending injury. By Yazmine Mihojevich
What's Inside Araceli's Food Truck?: The Story of Panther's Catering
This video documents oppositional urban citizenship through the story of Irma (Araceli), a longtime food truck vendor and now the owner and operator of a pink food truck in Central Los Angeles called Panther’s Catering. By Diana Valenzuela.
Mobile Muralism
A crew of muralists committed to community engagement and empowerment through the arts drive a white step van to different locations in Los Angeles to reintroduce mural painting and public expression. By Danielle Alva, Ally Bach, Laurel Directo, Ran Duan, Lingyue Zhu, Laila Vinson, and Robert Penna
Hunting for Hipsters
Exploring Latin@ Echo Park resistance while exposing Rayban wearing, latte sipping, neo-colonialists. By Kimberly Soriano
Locational Pride
First generation Chicana comes into her identity as a queer mujer and struggles with maintaining different expressions of her identity on campus and back in her hometown in Southeast Los Angeles. By Kayleigh Wade
Gloria & Her Guitar
An inside look into the life of Los Angeles based Chicana musician Gloria Estrada. By Angelica Becerra and Silvia Rodriguez-Vega
A portrait of UCLA student Jumana Al-Quwasmi, a Palestinian-American, Muslim feminist who reflects upon what her grandfather finds in his only trip home, in 2006, after being forced into exile in 1948. By Sigin Ojulu and Ziyad Marcus
Alejandra’s Quesadilla Cart
An independent street vendor describes her struggles and motivation to continue her business in the face of gentrification in the neighborhood of Echo Park. By Kimberly Soriano and Janeth Lopez
Heritage Room
What is heritage without a material lineage and how does this inform identity? This short film explores heritage as a site of identity formation, juxtaposing concepts of richness and emptiness, privilege and trauma, through a distinct narrative evoked by a room. By Sigin Ojulu.