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University of California, Los Angeles

Amgen Scholars Program

An Undergraduate Summer Research Program in Science and Biotechnology

The Amgen Scholars Program is a national program to increase learning and networking opportunities for students committed to pursuing a career in science or engineering.

During summer 2012, UCLA will host 24 Amgen Scholars. 12 will be undergraduates from UCLA and 12 will be from other 4-year colleges and universities.


Sunday, JUNE 24 (move-in) – Friday AUGUST 31, 2012 (move-out)

Opening Reception: Monday, JUNE 25


Applications for Summer 2012 are now closed. Please click on the Application link to the left for details on applying next year.


Students interested in summer research in any area of biomedical science, chemistry, bioengineering or chemical engineering are encouraged to apply. Students will be paired with a UCLA faculty mentor if the student does not already have a mentor at UCLA. Please visit the Amgen Faculty web site for information on over 100 potential mentors on the UCLA campus.

In addition to working full time in the laboratory for 10 weeks, the program features:

Upon receiving an Amgen Scholars Award, students sign an agreement to fulfill the following requirements


Applicants must be:


For UCLA Students Receiving Financial Aid: When Financial Aid is disbursed, it credits to a UCLA student’s BAR account, paying current year outstanding charges.  These charges include registration fees, tuition, and other education-related expenses. Any aid credited to the student’s account in excess of these charges is then made available as a refund check which is mailed to the student or deposited electronically into their bank account.

Note: Since Amgen Scholars cannot enroll in courses over the summer, they typically do not use financial aid during this time. Therefore, unless there are any existing current year outstanding charges, students primarily receive their summer stipend in the form of a disbursement check.

For Visiting Students and UCLA Students Not Receiving Financial Aid: These student stipends will be issued in the form of a disbursement check that is mailed to the student or deposited electronically.


Dr. Tama Hasson
Director, UCLA Amgen Scholars Program
Director, URC/CARE  
Phone: 310-206-2182
Email: amgensch@lifesci.ucla.edu

Anli Yang
Program Representative, UCLA Amgen Scholars Program
Phone: 310-206-2182


Many thanks to the Amgen Foundation for such generous support of this program



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