Bridge Summer Research Program

** Please Note: The UCLA Bridge Program is currently on hiatus, please check back with us later to learn more about the program's status**

The University of California, Los Angeles
in partnership with

East Los Angeles College
El Camino College
Los Angeles Harbor College
Los Angeles Pierce College
Los Angeles Southwest College
Los Angeles Valley College
Mt. San Antonio College
Pasadena City College





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  A minimum GPA of 2.80 in math and science courses is required to apply. Students must have also completed one semester of general chemistry. Applications will be available online at a later date.

What you will experience:

Program Purpose

The primary goal of the program is to increase the number of underrepresented scientists in biomedical research by offering an enriched summer program and year-round opportunities for students to explore research careers with faculty and students at a top-ranked research university.  The UCLA Summer Research Program for Underrepresented Community College Students offers students the opportunity to work closely with UCLA faculty on research projects in the biomedical sciences.  Students will work as a member of the faculty mentor's research group.  Students will be matched as closely as possible with a faculty mentor in their area of interest.

       The program will feature regular workshops and seminars on the nature of academic life, standardized test preparation, writing and research skills and careers in biomedical research. The program will also offer informal meetings with faculty  and students as well as other cultural and educational activities.

       Program activities are specifically designed to support and encourage students who intend to pursue careers in teaching and/or research.  Upon completion of this program students will be better prepared for a 4-year institution curriculum and its biomedical research environment.

Program Expectations

Participants are required to complete the entire nine week program.  The research objectives of the program are substantial and require full-time student commitment.  Near the end of the program each participant is required to give an oral presentation and submit a research report describing his/her research. Each participant must attend all required  workshops, lectures, informal faculty meetings and weekly student/staff meetings.

Click here for information on eligibility and community college partners

Selected Research Topics

The following are some of the research projects of former Bridge Program students.  Available projects vary from year-to-year, but cover most areas of modern biomedical research.

The Development of Neuronal Connections Between the Retina and Its Target Cells.

The Occurrence of Fast Gamma Oscillations in the Epileptic Brain.

Biosynthesis of Ubiquinone in Saccharomyces cerevisiae (yeast).

Characterization of Neurotransmitters in the Cerebral Cortex Involved With Motor and Cognitive Action.

Regenerating Cells that are Essential for the Elimination of Scar Tissue in Heart Cells Damaged by a Heart Attack.

Characterization of the Subcellular Localization of Cortex in Message and Protein to Elucidate Its Possible Role During Forebrain Development.

The Interaction between VP1 and VP23 Viral Proteins in the SV40 Virus and the Effect on Viral Pathogenecity.

Enhancement of Nuclear Concentration of Boron Compounds Using a Nuclear Transport Signal to Help Fight Against Cancerous Cells



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