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Work on a faculty member's research project in spring quarter!
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Student Group: Undergraduate Student Research Coalition
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UCLA Academic Conference for English Students: Feb. 27, 2015
Submissions due January 16, 2015. See for more information and eligibility.

CUR Social Science Travel Grants
Apply for travel grants through the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR)

Workshop: Developing a Research Question
Monday, January 26 from 5-6pm in Powell Library room 238

Workshop: Finding Sources at the UCLA Library
Tuesday, January 27 from 5-6pm in Powell Library room 238

Workshop: Collecting and Citing Sources
Wednesday, January 28 from 4-5pm in Powell Library room 238

Workshop: Managing the Research Process
Thursday, January 29 from 4-5pm in Powell Library room 238

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The Undergraduate Research Center for the Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences serves all students in humanities, arts, social science, and behavioral science disciplines. We invite you to explore our website or drop by our office (A334 Murphy Hall) to find out more about our programs and services. We look forward to meeting you!

Why Do Research?
Conducting research as an undergraduate is an excellent way to gain experiences and skills that will benefit you both academically and professionally. In addition to providing an opportunity to explore your areas of interest in depth, undergraduate research encourages you to develop skills in collaborative learning and critical thinking. For students interested in pursuing graduate school, undergraduate research is a way of expanding your education outside of the classroom and preparing yourself for the rigors of graduate study. Even if you are unsure about graduate studies, conducting undergraduate research is a great way to develop skills that are useful for a variety of careers, as well as to test the suitability of a research-oriented career to your interests.

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