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The Undergraduate Research Center for the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (URC North) serves all students in arts, humanities, social science, and behavioral science disciplines. We invite you to explore our website, or drop by our office (A334 Murphy Hall) to find out more about our programs and services. We look forward to meeting you!

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Getting into Research and SRP in Fall 2014

Are you interested in becoming involved in undergraduate research? SRP workshops are offered each quarter to provide students with information on research opportunities, finding a faculty mentor, receiving academic credit, writing a curriculum vitae, and many other topics.

Upcoming workshops are:

  • Thursday, October 9 from 3-4pm in the Undergraduate Research Center (A334 Murphy Hall)
  • Monday, October 13 from 12-1pm in the Undergraduate Research Center (A334 Murphy Hall) 
  • Wednesday, October 15 from 4-5pm in the Undergraduate Research Center (A334 Murphy Hall) 

The Fall SRP Contract DEADLINE is FRIDAY, October 17, 2014 by 4:30PM in A334 MURPHY HALL

Stay tuned: more fall workshops coming soon!



Title: The Economic and Political Sociology of Gourmet Food Trucks

Research description: Our UCLA-USC research team has been collecting data for three years now on the development and evolution of the Gourmet Food Truck Industry (GFTI) in Los Angeles and around the country. We are interested in a few questions related to the industry: how social networks affect trucks' political activity, how trucks relate to conventional brick-and-mortar restaurants, their decisions about where to locate, and how their cuisine styles reflect particular organizational identities. Student researchers will assist the team with up to three tasks: (1) geo-coding truck locations, (2) working with Twitter data to understand social networks and processes of influence, (3) collecting sets of food truck menus and coding their content so that we can understand food truck identities and "genres," and how they relate to other features of trucks' economic and political activity. 

Qualifications: This is an entry-level research position. A basic understanding of Microsoft Excel (or other spreadsheet programs) and the Twitter user interface will both be helpful, but not required. It will also help (although this also isn't required) to have taken SOC 20 (Research Methods) or a roughly equivalent course beforehand. 

Responsibilities: After an initial training period, students will be expected to work somewhat independently on research tasks. We will have meetings every 1-2 weeks to check in about research progress and to address any questions that might arise.

Hours per week: 8-10 hours, with flexibility around midterms and finals. 

Number of positions available: 3

Quarters recruiting: Fall 2014

Contact info: 
PI: Edward Walker
Dept.: Sociology
Address: 235 Haines Hall
Phone: 310-206-2918

If you are interested please contact:
Name: Edward Walker


Title: Constructing Student Protest Event Histories, 1960-1995

Research Description: Colleges and universities experience differential rates and types of student activism on campus. Local campus cultures influence whether and how college students organize around a range of social and political issues. This project examines the histories of student protest on two campuses located in New York City, Columbia University and CUNY City College, over a 35 year time period, 1960-1995, in hopes of better understanding how campus cultures surrounding political and social activism are developed and reproduced. Work on this project will proceed in two phases. During the first phase, articles covering student protest events will be collected from the student newspapers for Columbia University and CUNY City College. In the second phase, details of the protest events will be coded from these newspaper articles to create a dataset of protest event histories for both campuses.

Qualifications: Positions are open to sophomores or juniors with social science backgrounds who have completed Sociology 20 (Research Methods).

Responsibilities: In the first phase of the project, students will follow guidelines to identify and collect articles from campus newspapers that mention student-led protest events. In the second phase, students will record details of protest events from newspaper articles and perform data entry tasks. Initial training will be provided at the beginning of each project phase and students will be expected to meet regularly with the project supervisor.

Hours per week: 6-10

Number of Positions Available: 6

Quarters Recruiting: Spring 2014, Summer 2014

Contact Information:

PI: Dr. Edward Walker

Dept: Sociology

Address: 264 Haines Hall

E-mail: walker@soc.ucla.edu

If interested in this position, please contact:

Name: Ashley Gromis

E-mail: ashley.gromis@gmail.com


Join Aleph: UCLA's Undergraduate Research Journal for the Humanities and Social Sciences

To all undergraduate students on behalf of Aleph--UCLA's undergraduate journal encompassing the humanities and social sciences--and its editorial board:

Join Aleph, UCLA's enduring and revelatory undergraduate journal for the humanities and social sciences. Ever wanted to know what it's like to review, edit, and publish? Curious to peer behind the curtain of the publication process? Hope to make a contribution to scholarship offered to the public? Need Honors credit or something intriguing on your CV or resume? Aleph is currently seeking new editors for the upcoming winter 2014 term, and a spot is waiting for you.

For all those wishing to join, please attend the first meeting on Monday, March 31st from 4 to 6 PM in Humanities A26. Aleph meets once a week, same time and place, and is registered under Honors 101C, Seminar 2. Any and all questions will be answered; any and all willing and dedicated can enroll in the course for an invaluable experience. Please e-mail alephjournal@ucla.edu with any further questions.

We hope you're having a fantastic quarter, and we look forward to seeing you soon!


"...supported only by those twin staffs universally known as work and solitude." --Jorge Luis Borges, "The Aleph"



May 12-16, 2014

Powell Undergraduate Research Week showcases undergraduate research and creative projects in the humanities, arts, and social sciences. Applications are due April 15, 2014! Share your humanities, arts, or social sciences research or creative project in an interdisciplinary conference!

This event is part of Undergraduate Research Week 2014, which includes Science Poster Day for students in the life sciences, physical sciences, and engineering.