SRP 99 vs. Departmental 199 Courses
We often receive questions about the differences between 99 and 199 courses. Key differences are outlined below. However, please also check with your department, as departmental 199 courses may vary.

Overview: 99 and 199

While SRP 99 courses are designed as entry-level research courses (1-2 units with pass/no pass grading), departmental 199 courses are upper-division research courses (usually up to 4 units with letter grading). Both courses allow students to work on an independent research project under the guidance of a faculty mentor. Students often take departmental 199 courses after they take SRP 99 courses (as a “next step”), but enrollment in an SRP 99 course is not a prerequisite to enrolling in a departmental 199 course.

In many departments, students pursuing honors enroll in 198 courses instead of 199 courses.

Units and Time Commitment

For SRP 99 courses, students receive 1 unit of credit for 3-5 hours of work per week or 2 units for 6-10 hours of work per week. For departmental 199 courses, students typically receive 4 units of credit for 12-20 hours of work per week. (Departments vary, however; check with your department for details.)

SRP 99 is a one-quarter commitment, but students often take SRP 99 courses multiple times. Students in the College may take up to 10 units of SRP credit during their undergraduate careers. Only 6 of those SRP units count towards graduation; once students have completed 6 SRP units, they may enroll in an additional 4 SRP units without credit applied toward the degree.

Many students sign up for multiple quarters of 199 (or 198) courses, and many departments offer these courses as a series (e.g. 199A, 199B, 199C).


Students enroll in SRP 99 by submitting SRP contracts (available on MyUCLA) to the Undergraduate Research Center–Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences by 4:30pm the Friday of second week (excluding zero week). SRP contracts must be signed by the faculty mentor.

The deadlines and procedures for enrolling in 199 courses vary by department. In many departments, the deadline is also the Friday of second week.

For questions about SRP 99: please contact the Undergraduate Research Center–Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences at urhass@college.ucla.edu or 310.825.2935.

For questions about 199 or 198 courses: please contact your departmental office.