SRP and Becoming a Faculty Mentor

UCLA's Student Research Program (SRP) assists undergraduates in obtaining research skills, in defining academic interests and objectives, and in becoming part of the larger university research community. SRP is designed as an entry-level experience and allows undergraduates early in their academic careers to participate in research or engage in scholarly efforts under the direction of a faculty mentor.

More than 10,000 students have participated in SRP since the program's inception in 1985. After completing SRP, many undergraduates seek greater engagement in research and complete honors theses and upper-division independent study courses.

How the Program Works

SRP research projects may be faculty-initiated (the student helping a faculty member with his or her project) or student-initiated (the faculty member mentoring a student on a project the student initiated). Faculty members seeking students to assist with faculty-initiated projects are encouraged to post SRP positions. For examples of faculty-initiated research projects, see sample undergraduate projects.

Students enroll in SRP (course 99 in each department) and receive 1 unit of credit for 3-5 hours of work per week or 2 units of credit for 6-10 hours of work per week (pass/no pass grading). The faculty mentor and student establish the specific meeting times, project goals, and assigned hours. It is the faculty mentor's responsibility to determine the course grading guidelines and to communicate to the student the assignments and/or hours expected to pass the course.

SRP Faculty Participation Form

If you would like to become an SRP faculty mentor, please fill out the Faculty Participation Form and send it to the Undergraduate Research Center (contact information below). The form remains on file after you submit it. You do not need to submit another form to mentor in subsequent quarters.

Post a Research Position

Each quarter students are looking for research projects. Please click here to post an open SRP position. For sample faculty-initiated research projects, see sample undergraduate projects.

SRP Program Details
  • Students receive 1 unit of credit for 3-5 hours of work per week or 2 units of credit for 6-10 hours of work per week.
  • Students enroll in SRP (course 99) by submitting SRP contracts (available on MyUCLA) to the Undergraduate Research Center–Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (Murphy A334). SRP contracts must be signed by the faculty mentor. An e-mail from the faculty mentor will be accepted in lieu of a signature if the faculty mentor is out of town.
  • SRP contracts are due by 4:30pm the Friday of second week (excluding zero week) for fall, winter, and spring quarters. SRP contracts are also due the Friday of second week for all summer sessions.
  • Each student can only submit one SRP contract per quarter.
  • In summer, students can enroll in Summer Session A for 6 weeks, Summer Session A for 10 weeks, or Summer Session C for 6 weeks. Students wishing to enroll in SRP for the whole summer should choose the 10-week option; they cannot enroll in both summer sessions A and C for 6 weeks. Summer SRP units do not carry an additional cost. Students only enrolling in SRP units during the summer will only pay the Campus fee and IEI fee. See here for current rates. 
  • Students in the College may take up to 10 units of SRP credit during their undergraduate careers. Only 6 of those units will count towards graduation. After a student has completed 6 units of SRP, he or she may enroll in an additional 4 units without credit applied toward the degree. SRP units do not count towards the maximum units allowed.
  • All undergraduates in good academic standing and enrolled as full-time students (before including SRP units) are eligible to enroll in SRP. If a student in the College is enrolling in more than 19 units, he or she must petition the appropriate College advising unit (College Academic Counseling, AAP, or Honors) for additional units prior to submitting the SRP contract.
  • Faculty members can mentor a maximum of 10 SRP students each quarter.
Submit SRP Grades

Grades must be submitted one week after the end of finals week through the Gradebook Express system on MyUCLA.

If a grade is not submitted prior to the close of the grading period, the student will receive a grade of “NR,” or Not Reported. This grade will not be changed until the faculty mentor submits a completed Missing Grade Form, available from the Undergraduate Research Center–Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences office.

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