Cornerstone Research Workshops support you in all stages of the research process, from developing a research question to presenting your work! No RSVP necessary.

Getting Started With Research

Learn all about the research process and research opportunities at UCLA

  • Wednesday, January 11: 12-1pm (Murphy Hall A334)
  • Thursday, January 12: 4-5pm (Murphy Hall A334)
  • Tuesday, January 17: 3-4pm (Murphy Hall A334)
  • Developing a Research Question

    Learn how to turn your interests into a research question

    • Thursday, January 19: 4-5pm (Powell Library room 330)
    • Finding Sources at the UCLA Library

      Learn the most effective search strategies for finding what you need

      • Thursday, January 26: 4-5pm (Powell Library room 228)

      Collecting and Citing Sources

      Learn how to create a customized library of resources for your project
      • Thursday, February 2: 4-5pm (Powell Library room 330)
      • Developing Your Research Plan

        Plan your project from start to finish
        • Thursday, February 16: 4-5pm (Powell Library room 330)
        • Sharing Your Research

          Learn how to promote your work, present at conferences, and publish in journals

          • Thursday, February 23: 4-5pm (Powell Library room 330)

          Co-sponsored by the Undergraduate Research Center–Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences and the UCLA Library.

Getting Started with Research and SRP 99 Workshops (Winter 2017)

Interested in becoming involved with research? Learn all about undergraduate research opportunities, SRP 99 courses, and working with a faculty mentor! No RSVP necessary.

Winter Quarter 2017 Workshops
  • Wednesday, January 11: 12-1pm (Murphy Hall room A334)
  • Thursday, January 12: 4-5pm (Murphy Hall room A334)
  • Tuesday, January 17: 3-4pm (Murphy Hall room A334)

Research Scholarship Workshops (Spring 2017)
Find out everything you want to know about applying for research scholarships!
Undergraduate Research Scholars Program Workshops (Spring 2017)
Learn all about the Undergraduate Research Scholars Program (URSP). No RSVP necessary.
  • Tuesday, May 16: 3-4pm (Murphy Hall room A334)
  • Wednesday, May 17: 3-4pm (Murphy Hall room A334)
  • Thursday, June 1: 3-4pm (Murphy Hall room A334)
  • Thursday, June 6 12:30-1:30pm (Murphy Hall room A334)

Abstract, Presentation, and Poster Workshops (Winter and Spring 2017)

Learn all about writing abstracts and preparing oral presentations and research posters for Undergraduate Research Week and other conferences! No RSVP necessary.

Abstract Workshops
  • Wednesday, March 1: 11am-12pm (Murphy Hall room A334)
  • Wednesday, March 8: 3-4pm (Murphy Hall room A334)
  • Monday, March 27: 12-1pm (Murphy Hall room A334)
  • Tuesday, April 4: 12-1pm (Murphy Hall room A334)
  • Monday, April 10: 3-4pm (Murphy Hall room A334)
Presentation Workshops
  • Tuesday, April 18: 12-1pm (Powell Library room 330)
  • Wednesday, April 26: 3-4pm (Powell Library room 330)
  • Thursday, May 4: 12-1pm (Powell Library room 330)
  • Wednesday, May 10: 3-4pm (Powell Library room 330)
Research Poster Workshops
  • Tuesday, April 18: 1-2pm (Powell Library room 330)
  • Wednesday, April 19: 3-4pm (Powell Library room 330)
  • Monday, April 24: 12-1pm (Powell Library room 330)
  • Tuesday, April 25: 2-3pm (Powell Library room 330)
  • Monday, May 1: 1-2pm (Powell Library room 330)
  • Friday, May 5: 3-4pm (Powell Library room 330)
  • Tuesday, May 9: 3-4pm (Powell Library room 330)