Diversity in Undergraduate Education

The Division of Undergraduate Education’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee is dedicated to generating awareness, understanding and intentional change grounded in the principles of equality and inclusion. The committee’s focus is unique among UCLA’s diversity efforts as it focuses exclusively on staff development and training. By educating our staff on campus climate issues and diversity and equity best practices, we better equip them to support undergraduate education.

Mission of the Division of Undergraduate Education’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee

The Division has created a Committee on Diversity and Inclusion to support the goals of the University and to share voice in shaping diversity policy and programs. The principles of equity, diversity and inclusion are of the highest priority to UCLA and to the Division of Undergraduate Education. The initial goals and task for the committee are to:

  • Identify climate issues across the Division of Undergraduate Education that need to be addressed
  • Develop and implement a comprehensive plan for diversity training within the Division
  • Formulate ongoing strategies for improving diversity and climate that can be shared with unit directors, including a set of best practices.
  • Serve as a network of ambassadors across the Division of Undergraduate Education with a commitment to protect, promote and advance diversity in local settings.

Message from the Chair of the Committee

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Committee Members

Charles Alexander, Chair Academic Advancement Program
Magdalena Barragan Summer Sessions/International Education Office
Doug Barrera Undergraduate Education Initiatives
Ryan Darling New Student and Transition Programs
Angela Deaver-Campbell Scholarship Resource Center
Tama Hasson Undergraduate Research Center
Alice Ho Academic Advancement Program
Jessica Hoover Center for the Advancement of Teaching
Linda Lassiter Athletics Counseling
Marc Levis-Fitzgerald Center for the Advancement of Teaching
Pia Palomo College Academic Counseling
Angel Perez College Honors