Memo DateCourseApplication MaterialsStatus/Approval MemoGE Foundation(s)Lab DemoCUTFGE Start TermGE End Term
11/2/2010ART HIS 98TAt Home in Renaissance ItalyApprovedVPNoYes11W11S
11/2/2010ASIAN 98TIntroduction to Postcolonial Southeast Asian Literatures: National Identity and Minority DiscourseApprovedLCNoYes11W11S
11/2/2010CHIN 50WChinese CivilizationApprovedHA; LC; PLNoNo11W 
11/2/2010CLASSIC 98TLost in Translation: Barbarians and Barbarian Speech in Greek LiteratureApprovedLCNoYes11W11S
11/2/2010COM LIT 98TRefantasizing Mediterranean: Place Narrative, Traveling Adventure, and Gender PerformanceApprovedLCNoYes11W11S
11/2/2010E&S SCI 98TEarth without MoonApprovedPSNoYes11W11S
11/2/2010MCD BIO 98TUtility of Embryonic Stem Cells: Scientific Exploration from Laboratory to ClinicApprovedLSNoYes11W11S
11/2/2010PHILOS 98TPhilosophy of AddictionApprovedPLNoYes11W11S
11/2/2010PSYCH M98TDevelopmental Disabilities: Syndromes, Impact, and TreatmentApprovedLS; SANoYes11W11S
11/2/2010SOC GEN 5Integrative Approaches to Human Biology and SocietyApprovedLS; SANoNo11W 
11/2/2010WOM STD 98TGender, Human Trafficking, and Social JusticeApprovedSANoYes11W11S
11/16/2010ANTHRO 98TAnthropology of Chinese MedicineApprovedSANoYes11S111
11/16/2010APPLING 98TLanguage Life Cycles: Individual and Community PerspectivesApprovedPLNoYes11S111
11/16/2010EE BIOL 98TCurrent Debates in EvolutionApproved NoYes11S111
11/16/2010ENGL 98TMagazines of Modernism: Print Culture and Literary Avant-GardeApprovedLCNoYes11S111
11/16/2010FILM TV 98TVideogames: History, Theory, and CriticismApprovedVPNoYes11S111
11/16/2010MUS HST 98T"I Want My MTV": Music Television and Transformation of Sights, Sounds, and Business of Popular MusicApprovedVPNoYes11S111
1/28/2011LING 3American Sign Language: Structure and CultureApprovedLC; PLNoNo111 
1/28/2011RUSSIAN 90BRussian Civilization in 20th CenturyApprovedLCNoNo11S 
1/28/2011SOCIOL 98TRace, Drugs, and Social Control: Mass Incarceration in AmericaApprovedSANoYes11S111
3/2/2011HEBREW 113Contemporary Israeli Short Stories/Novellas and Films in EnglishApprovedLCNoNo11S112
6/28/2011LIFESCI 2Cells, Tissues, and OrgansApprovedLSNoNo11F 
10/24/2011ANTHRO 98TAnthropology of Gender Variance across Cultures from Third Gender to TransgenderApprovedSANoYes12W121
10/24/2011ART 98TConsidering Space: Society, Politics, and PoeticsApprovedVPNoYes12S121
10/24/2011ASIA AM M98THip Hop Dance and Asian American Cultural PoliticsApprovedVPNoYes12S121
10/24/2011DANCE M98THip Hop Dance and Asian American Cultural PoliticsApprovedVPNoYes12S121
10/24/2011EDUC 98TConsumerism and Commercialization in Higher EducationApprovedSANoYes12W121
10/24/2011ENGL 98TVictorian MasculinitiesApprovedLCNoYes12W121
10/24/2011FILM TV M98TStaging Realness: Performance and Reality TelevisionApprovedSANoYes12S121
10/24/2011FRNCH 98TStrangers in France: Migration in Sub-Saharan African Literature, Popular Music, and FlimApprovedLCNoYes12S121
10/24/2011JEWISH M98TCrisis and War: Jewish Experience in Soviet Promised LandApprovedHANoYes12W121
10/24/2011MIMG 98TSpread of Drug-Resistant Infections: Causes and ResponseApprovedLSNoYes12W121
10/24/2011PHILOS 98TInfinity in PhilosophyApprovedPLNoYes12S121
10/24/2011PHYSCI 7Science and Food: Physical and Molecular Origins of What We EatApprovedLS; PSYesNo12S 
10/24/2011POL SCI 98TWar and TerritoryApprovedSANoYes12W121
10/24/2011SLAVIC 87Languages of Los AngelesApprovedPL; SANoNo12S14F
10/24/2011SLAVIC M98TCrisis and War: Jewish Experience in Soviet Promised LandApprovedHANoYes12W121
10/24/2011SOC WLF 98TViolence in Context: Research and Theory of Family, School, and Community ViolenceApprovedSANoYes12W121
10/24/2011THEATER M98TStaging Realness: Performance and Reality TelevisionApprovedSANoYes12S121
10/24/2011UG-LAW 98TUnderstanding Incentives: How and Why Law Encourages BehaviorApprovedSANoYes12W121
10/24/2011WOM STD 98TCritical Perspectives on Trauma, Gender, and PowerApprovedSANoYes12W121
11/2/2011C&EE 58SLClimate Change, Water Quality, and Ecosystem FunctioningApprovedLS; PSNoNo12W 
11/2/2011FILM TV 98TWomen's TelevisionApprovedVPNoYes12W121
11/2/2011MATH 98TBoundaries, Edges, and Singularities: Exploring Mathematical Image SegmentationApprovedPSNoYes12W121
3/2/2012MUS HST 61Music in Los AngelesApprovedVPNoNo12S 
3/2/2012MUS HST 79Dancehall, Rap, Reggaeton: Beats, Rhymes, and Routes in African DiasporaApprovedVPNoNo12S 
3/2/2012SPAN 42Iberian CultureApprovedLCNoNo12F 
3/2/2012WL ARTS 51WAliens, Psychics, and GhostsApprovedLC; SANoNo12F 
3/2/2012YIDDSH 10From Old World to New: Becoming Modern as Reflected in Yiddish Cinema and LiteratureApprovedLCNoNo12S 
4/8/2012MCD BIO 70Genetic Engineering and SocietyApprovedLSYesNo121 
5/8/2012GE CLST 73AMind over Matter: History, Science, and Philosophy of BrainApprovedHA; LS; PLYesNo12F 
5/8/2012GE CLST 73BMind over Matter: History, Science, and Philosophy of BrainApprovedHA; LS; PLYesNo12F 
5/8/2012GE CLST 73CWMind over Matter: History, Science, and Philosophy of Brain -- Special TopicsApprovedHA; LS; PLYesNo12F 
6/22/2012AN N EA 15Women and Power in the Ancient WorldApprovedHANoNo12F 
6/22/2012AN N EA 30Science in ArchaeologyApprovedLS; PSNoNo13S132
6/22/2012ASIA AM 40Serve People: Asian American Community-Based LearningApproved  No12F 
6/22/2012EE BIOL 18Why Ecology Matters: Science Behind Environmental IssuesApprovedLSNoNo12F15W
6/22/2012GE CLST 26APoverty and Health in Latin AmericaApprovedHA; LS; SANoNo12F 
6/22/2012GE CLST 26BPoverty and Health in Latin AmericaApprovedHA; LS; SANoNo12F 
6/22/2012GE CLST 26CWPoverty and Health in Latin AmericaApprovedHA; LS; SANoNo12F 
6/22/2012GRNTLGY M108Biomedical, Social, and Policy Frontiers in Human AgingApproved  No12F 
6/22/2012I A STD 1Introduction to International and Area StudiesApprovedSANoNo12F 
11/6/2012ETHNOMU 60J.S. Bach in His World and OursApprovedVPNoNo13W 
11/9/2012ARABIC M107Islam in WestApprovedHA; SANoNo13W 
11/9/2012CLASSIC 98TDefining Bad Emperors: Ancient and Modern Depictions of Caligula, Nero, and CommodusApprovedLCNoYes13W131
11/9/2012E&S SCI 17Dinosaurs and Their RelativesApprovedLS; PSYesNo13W13F
11/9/2012ENGL 98TSedition! Romantic Literature at Limits of LawApprovedLCNoYes13W131
11/9/2012FILM TV 98TAMedia Industry Convergence: Past and Present, Texts and ContextsApprovedVPNoYes13S131
11/9/2012FILM TV 98TBWorking Girls: History of Women Directors in U.S.ApprovedVPNoYes13W131
11/9/2012HIST 98TNarco-mundo: How Narcotraficantes Gained Control of Northern MexicoApprovedSANoYes13W131
11/9/2012ITALIAN 98TMafia Movies: Understanding International Criminal Organizations and National StereotypesApprovedVPNoYes13S131
11/9/2012MUS HST 94Music and InternetApprovedVPNoNo13W 
11/9/2012MUS HST M98TCross-Cultural Identities: Making Music in Asian AmericaApprovedVPNoYes13W131
11/9/2012NR EAST 98TMixed Messages: Identity in Hellenistic WorldApproved  Yes13W 
11/9/2012NURSING M98TCriminal Justice and Forensic Issues in Later LifeApprovedSANoYes13W131
11/9/2012POL SCI 98TRevolutions and International PoliticsApprovedSANoYes13S131
11/9/2012POL SCI M115CCitizenship and Public ServiceApprovedSANoNo13S 
11/9/2012RELIGN 11Religion in Los AngelesApproved  No13W 
11/9/2012SLAVIC M98TNuclear Literatures: Comparative ApproachApprovedLCNoYes13W131
11/9/2012SOCIOL 98TAHistory and Development of Racial and Ethnic Categorization in U.S.ApprovedSANoYes13W131
11/9/2012SOCIOL 98TBProduction of Poverty KnowledgeApprovedSANoYes13W131
11/9/2012SPAN M98THer Side of Story: How Women Wrote Modernism, 1900 to 1940ApprovedLCNoYes13W 
11/9/2012STATS 98TReasoning with UncertaintyApprovedPSNoYes13S131
11/9/2012UG-LAW 98TBMLitigating Disability: Strategic Integrated Plan for Social ChangeApprovedSANoYes13W131
11/9/2012UG-LAW 98TCMPublic Health Law: Constitutionally Balancing Societal Interests with Individual RightsApprovedSANoYes13W131
11/9/2012WL ARTS M98TConstructing Natural Body: Choreographing Nature on Concert StageApprovedVPNoYes13W131
1/11/2013MIMG 98TProstate Cancer: Scientific and Social Implications of Aging SocietyApprovedLSNoYes13W131
2/5/2013CLASSIC 60Fantastic Journey: Antiquity and BeyondApprovedLCNoNo13S 
2/5/2013I A STD 33Introduction to East AsiaApprovedHA; SANoNo131 
2/8/2013FILM&TV 113Film AuthorsApproved  No13F 
2/8/2013NURSING 3Human Physiology for Healthcare ProvidersApprovedLSYesNo13S 
2/8/2013NURSING 13Introduction to Human AnatomyApproved  No13S 
2/8/2013THEATER 106History of American Theater and DramaApproved  No13S 
5/23/2013HNRS 1Plague CultureApprovedLCNoNo13F 
5/23/2013HNRS 3Personal Brain ManagementApprovedLSNoNo13F 
5/23/2013HNRS 22Comparative OdysseysApprovedLCNoNo13F 
5/23/2013HNRS 36Global Geographies and Idea of HomeApprovedLC; VPNoNo13F 
5/23/2013HNRS 41Understanding Ecology: Finding Interdisciplinary Solutions to Environmental ProblemsApprovedLS; SANoNo13F 
5/23/2013HNRS 44Society of Excess: On Waste, Consumer Culture, and EnvironmentApprovedLCNoNo13F 
5/23/2013HNRS 77Greeks and Persians: Ancient Encounters from Herodotus to AlexanderApprovedHA; LC; VPNoNo13F 
5/23/2013KOREA 40Introduction to Korean Popular CultureApproved NoNo13F 
5/23/2013SOCIOL 51Sociology of MigrationApproved  No13F 
5/23/2013THEATER 103IIsrael and Palestine: Communities, Conflicts, Cultures, and Arts in Middle EastApproved  No13F 
11/12/2013AFRO-AM 6Trends in Black Intellectual ThoughtApprovedHANoNo14W142
11/12/2013ARCH&UD 98TBetween Disciplinary LinesApprovedVPNoYes14S141
11/12/2013ASIAN 98TDecoding Capitals in AsiaApproved  Yes14W 
11/12/2013BIOINFR 98TComputer Is New Microscope: Bioinformatics and Interpretation of DNA Sequence DataApproved NoYes14S141
11/12/2013EE BIOL 20Self-Organization and Emergence in Biology: Complex Adaptive Systems ApproachApprovedLS; PSYesNo14W 
11/12/2013EE BIOL 98TFlexible Phenotypes and Adaptive EvolutionApprovedLSNoYes14W141
11/12/2013ENGL 98TA(Close) Reading Like WritersApprovedLCNoYes14W141
11/12/2013ENGL 98TBEating Others: Cannibalism and Politics of RepresentationApprovedLCNoYes14S141
11/12/2013FILM TV 98TARace and Gender in Sports FilmsApprovedVPNoYes14W141
11/12/2013FILM TV 98TBAmerican Genre Films and Domestic TraumaApprovedVPNoYes14S141
11/12/2013FRNCH 98TPerforming Nation: Literature and Nationalism in Postcolonial SenegalApprovedLCNoYes14W141
11/12/2013GENDER 98TInterrogating Microcredit: Gender, Economic Development Programs, and Poverty in Southeast AsiaApprovedSANoYes14W141
11/12/2013GEOG 98TDoes 21st Century Belong to China? Geographical Perspectives on Chinese Inequality, Growth, and Regional DevelopmentApproved  Yes14W 
11/12/2013HIST 98TCrusaders, Merchants, Pilgrims, and Explorers: Travelers and Traveling in Late Medieval World, 1000 to 1450 C.E.ApprovedHANoYes14W141
11/12/2013KOREA M60Introduction to Korean ReligionsApproved  No14W 
11/12/2013MCD BIO 90Human Stem Cells and MedicineApproved  No14W 
11/12/2013PSYCH 98TPsychology of Time, Emotion, and MemoryApprovedLSNoYes14S141
11/12/2013SCAND 40WHeroic Journey in Northern Myth, Legend, and EpicApproved  No14W 
11/12/2013SOCIOL 98TInequalities in Families: Analyzing Differences within and between Families in U.S.ApprovedSANoYes14W141
11/12/2013UG-LAW 98TAMForced Migration and Refugee Law: 21st-Century Challenges to 20th-Century FrameworkApprovedSANoYes14W141
11/12/2013UG-LAW 98TBMInternational Criminal Court and Legitimacy of Global GovernanceApprovedPLNoYes14W141
11/12/2013WL ARTS 98TAFolklore and Film: Ideologies of Race, Gender, and ClassApprovedVPNoYes14W141
11/12/2013WL ARTS 98TBDancing Diaspora: African American Identity in Dance, Performance, and LiteratureApprovedVPNoYes14S141
11/14/2013PHILOS 21Skepticism and RationalityApprovedPLNoNo14W 
2/14/2014ART HIS 58Architecture in Modern WorldApprovedHA; VPNoNo14S152
2/14/2014EE BIOL 25Living OceanApproved  No14S 
2/14/2014ENGL M30Introduction to Environmental HumanitiesApprovedLCNoNo14S 
2/14/2014ENGL 30SLMIntroduction to Environmental Humanities (Service Learning)ApprovedLCNoNo14S 
2/14/2014HNRS 43WScience, Rhetoric, and Social InfluenceApprovedPLNoNo14S 
2/14/2014HNRS 63WNabokov and Reading MindsApprovedLCNoNo14S 
2/14/2014HNRS 78Science and Religion from Copernicus to DarwinismApprovedHA; PLNoNo14S 
2/14/2014LIFESCI 15LLife: Concepts and Issues LaboratoryApprovedLSYesNo14S 
2/14/2014MUS HST 35Introduction to OperaApprovedVPNoNo14S 
2/14/2014MUS HST 71ListeningApprovedVPNoNo14S 
2/14/2014PHYSICS 11Revolutions in PhysicsApprovedPSNoNo14S 
2/14/2014PUB PLC 10AIntroduction to Public PolicyApproved  No14S 
2/14/2014SEASIAN 70Modern Southeast Asian LiteratureApprovedHA; LCNoNo14S 
5/30/2014CHIN 80Chinese Cinema: Pictures, Prisms, Products, ProjectionsApprovedVPNoNo14F 
5/30/2014HIST 5Holocaust: History and MemoryApproved  No14F 
5/30/2014I A STD 50Introduction to Latin AmericaApproved  No14F 
5/30/2014INF STD 10Information and PowerApproved  No14F 
5/30/2014MUS HST 9American Popular SongApproved  No14F 
11/25/2014ARCH&UD 98TSoftware Cultures and Augmented Design: Architecture, Media, and ComputersApprovedVPNoYes15W151
11/25/2014ART HIS 98TWhat Were Artists? Art and Authorship from 1945 to PresentApprovedSA; VPNoYes15W151
11/25/2014CHEM 98TBChemistry at Home: In-Depth Look at How Science Shapes Our LivesApprovedPSNoYes15W151
11/25/2014CHINESE 50Chinese CivilizationApproved  No15W 
11/25/2014COM LIT 98TInvisible Cities: Urban Landscapes in Caribbean LiteraturesApprovedLCNoYes15W151
11/25/2014EDUC M98TWorld as Classroom: Education in Scandinavian LiteratureApprovedLCNoYes15W151
11/25/2014ENGL 98TTalking in Print from Jane Austen to TwitterApprovedLCNoYes15W151
11/25/2014HIST 98THoarders Buried Alive in Archives: History, Memory, and Archiving in Modern TimesApprovedHANoYes15W151
11/25/2014MUS HST 13Punk: Music, History, SubcultureApprovedVPNoNo15W 
11/25/2014MUS HST 98TPopular Music Analysis through Alternative Methods and PerformanceApprovedVPNoYes15W151
11/25/2014POL SCI 98TCivil War: Dynamics, Resolution, and RecoveryApprovedSANoYes15W151
11/25/2014SLAVC 5Introduction to EurasiaApprovedHA; LCNoNo15W 
11/25/2014UG-LAW 98TTraversing Landscape of Human TraffickingApprovedSANoYes15W151
2/9/2015ANTHRO 98TLiteracy, Technology, and GlobalizationApprovedPL; SANoYes15S 
2/9/2015CHEM 98TAWhen Good Proteins Go Bad: Protein Synthesis and Human DiseaseApprovedLS; PSNoYes15S 
2/9/2015CIVIC 50SLEngaging Los AngelesApprovedSANoNo15S 
2/9/2015EE BIOL 18Why Ecology Matters: Science Behind Environmental IssuesApproved YesNo15S 
2/9/2015ETHNOMU M98TEthnomusicology of ClosetApprovedVPNoYes15S 
2/9/2015FILM TV 98TReality Television: Producing Culture and IdentityApprovedVPNoYes15S 
2/9/2015POL SCI 60Diversity and Disagreement: How to Succeed in Politics without Really TryingApprovedSANoNo15S 
2/9/2015SOCIOL 98TSociology of ArtsApprovedSANoYes15S 
2/9/2015SPAN 98TFound in Translation: North/South Poetic Friendships and American IdiomApprovedLCNoYes15S 
2/9/2015STATS 98TData VisualizationApprovedPSNoYes15S 
2/9/2015WL ARTS 98TAWriting Language of Movement: Dance Notation in Theory and PracticeApprovedVPNoYes15S 
2/9/2015WL ARTS 98TBMInfrastructure and Performing Arts: Practices, Policies, PoliticsApprovedSA; VPNoYes15S 
5/27/2015HIST 12AInequality: History of Mass ImprisonmentApprovedHA; SANoNo15F 
5/27/2015SOCIOL 40American Racism: Psychosocial AnalysisApprovedHA; SANoNo15F 
11/10/2015AN N EA 12WJerusalem: Holy CityApprovedHA; LCNoNo16W 
11/10/2015AN N EA 98TEmergence of Medicine at Dawn of CivilizationApprovedHANoYes16W 
11/10/2015ARCH&UD 98TRetail Architecture: Sampling, Browsing, Scanning, and Other Forms of ShoppingApprovedHA; LCNoYes16W 
11/10/2015ART HIS 98TOther Images: Art History, Byzantine Icons, and Contemporary PhotographsApprovedLC; VPNoYes16W 
11/10/2015CHEM 98TCommunicating Science: Chemistry in World Around UsApprovedPSNoYes16S 
11/10/2015CLASSIC 98TLives of Slaves in Ancient Roman WorldApprovedHA; LCNoYes16S 
11/10/2015COM LIT 98TReading Dancing, Dancing Poetry: Poetry and Dance in 20th-Century Europe and AmericaApprovedLC; VPNoYes16W 
11/10/2015ENGL 98TTalk or Text? Orality and Literacy in 18th-Century LiteratureApprovedLC; VPNoYes16S 
11/10/2015ETHNOMU 98TCultural Boundaries and National Borders: Transnational Study of U.S. and Mexican Musical IndigeneityApprovedLC; VPNoYes16W 
11/10/2015FILM TV 98TAIndigenous Media and Production Contexts in North AmericaApprovedVPNoYes16W 
11/10/2015FILM TV 98TBConsumer Culture and Branded EntertainmentApprovedLC; VPNoYes16S 
11/10/2015FRNCH 98TEmpathy and Alterity: Exploring How Literature and Film Evoke CompassionApprovedLCNoYes16S 
11/10/2015GENDER 98TFrom Barbershops to Beauty Salons: Critical Perspectives on Beauty Service Work and Affective Economies in U.S.ApprovedSANoYes16W 
11/10/2015GEOG 98TGreening China's Environment: Policy, Politics, and Sustainable DevelopmentApprovedSANoYes16W 
11/10/2015HIST 98TAtlantic ExchangesApprovedHANoYes16W 
11/10/2015MUS HST 67Popular Jewish and Israeli MusicApprovedLCNoNo16W162
11/10/2015MUS HST 98TLive through This: Women, Aging, and Popular MusicApprovedLC; VPNoYes16W 
11/10/2015PHILOS 98TRationality and Religious BeliefApprovedPLNoYes16S 
11/10/2015POL SCI 98THow Dictators SurviveApprovedSANoYes16W 
11/10/2015SCAND 60WIntroduction to Nordic CinemaApprovedLC; VPNoNo16S 
11/10/2015THEATER 98TPerforming MuseumApprovedVPNoYes16S 
11/10/2015VIETMSE 40War in Vietnamese Popular CultureApprovedLC; SA; VPNoNo16W 
11/10/2015WL ARTS M98TExceptional Exclusion: Asian American Dance from 1930s to 1960sApprovedHA; VPNoYes16S 
2/22/2016CHIN 30Chinese Language, Society, and CultureApprovedPLNoNo16S 
2/22/2016ENVIRON 25Good Food for Everyone: Health, Sustainability, and CultureApprovedLS; PSNoNo16S 
2/22/2016HNRS 80Cossacks and Narratives about ThemApprovedHANoNo16S 
2/22/2016HNRS 90Hollywood and Global ResponsibilityApprovedLC; VPNoNo16S 
2/22/2016PHILOS 2Introduction to Philosophy of ReligionApprovedLC; PLNoNo16S 
2/22/2016PHILOS 23Meaning and CommunicationApprovedPLNoNo16S 
2/22/2016WL ARTS M98TExceptional Exclusion: Asian American Dance from 1930s to 1960sApprovedHA; VPNoYes16S 
5/23/2016ASIAN 30Languages and Cultures of AsiaApproved  No161 
5/23/2016COM LIT 1ESocial Media and Storytelling: Comparing CulturesApproved  No161 
5/23/2016ITALIAN 46Italian Cinema and Culture in EnglishApproved  No161 
5/23/2016LIFESCI 7ACell and Molecular BiologyApproved  No161 
5/23/2016RUSSN 31Introduction to Russian FilmApproved  No161 
5/23/2016THEATER 10Introduction to TheaterApprovedLCNoNo161 
11/22/2016ARTS ED 20Introduction to Community Engagement through ArtsApprovedSA; VPNoNo17W 
11/22/2016ASIAN 98THistorical Controversies in East AsiaApprovedHA; SANoYes17S 
11/22/2016CHEM 98TWhat Is Nanoscience?ApprovedPSNoYes17W 
11/22/2016CHIN 40Popular Culture in Modern Chinese SocietiesApprovedLC; SA; VPNoNo17W 
11/22/2016COM LIT 98TDo You Hear What I Do? Reading Sound and Sense through World Literature and MusicApprovedLC; VPNoYes17W 
11/22/2016EDUC 98TAEducation for Social Justice: Students, Communities, and Teachers Challenging Inequity in U.S. K-12 SchoolsApprovedSANoYes17W 
11/22/2016EDUC 98TBChild Language BrokeringApprovedSANoYes17S 
11/22/2016ENGL 98TAReading Weather: Los Angeles as Apocalyptic ParadiseApprovedLCNoYes17W 
11/22/2016ENGL 98TBWomen's Utopian Writing, Past and PresentApprovedLCNoYes17S 
11/22/2016FILM TV 98TGaysploitation! History, Economics, and Politics of Niche Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender MediaApprovedLC; VPNoYes17W 
11/22/2016GEOG 98TBorder Studies: Mobility, (Extra)territoriality, and Sovereignty in Globalizing WorldApprovedSANoYes17W 
11/22/2016HIST 12BInequality: History of NeoliberalismApprovedHA; SANoNo17S 
11/22/2016HIST 98TAHistory of Psychiatry: Insane Asylums to Drugs that Remake Self, 1840 to PresentApprovedHA; SANoYes17S 
11/22/2016HIST 98TBThis Land Is My Land: Global Histories of Settler ColonialismApprovedHA; SANoYes17S 
11/22/2016JAPAN 75AnimeApprovedSA; VPNoNo17W 
11/22/2016KOREA 98TUnderstanding North Korean Thought: Historical and Comparative PerspectivesApprovedHA; PLNoYes17S 
11/22/2016MSC HST 98TSwoon, Slash, and Scream: Music and Sexuality in 1970s Horror FilmApproved NoYes17W 
11/22/2016PHYSICS 12Physics of Renewable EnergyApprovedPSNoNo17W 
11/22/2016PSYCH 98TSocial Hierarchies and Our Status in Groups: How They Impact Us, Inside and OutApprovedSANoYes17S 
11/22/2016SOCIOL 98TMexicans, Mexican Americans, and Hispanics in SouthwestApprovedSANoYes17S 
11/22/2016STATS 98TSix Degrees of Separation: Studying World through Social NetworksApprovedPS; SANoYes17W 
11/22/2016UG-LAW 98TFirst Amendment: Big Thinkers and Controversial SpeakersApprovedHANoYes17W 
11/22/2016WL ARTS 98TAChinese Performance in Sinophone Cities: Los Angeles, Taipei, and Hong KongApprovedLC; VPNoYes17W 
11/22/2016WL ARTS 98TBChoreography and Israel: (Hi)stories of Nationalism and DissentApprovedHA; VPNoYes17S 
3/7/2017DGT HUM 30Los Angeles Tech City: Digital Technologies and Spatial JusticeApproved  No17S 
3/7/2017DIS STD 10Intersections of Art History and Disability Studies: Disability in Modern ArtApproved  No17S 
3/7/2017ENGL 70Medievalisms: Medieval Literature and Contemporary CultureApprovedLCNoNo17S 
3/7/2017FOOD ST 27Critical Thinking about Food and Science PublicationsApproved  No17S 
3/7/2017PSYCTRY 79Applied Positive Neuroscience: Skills for Improving Productivity and WellbeingApprovedLSNoNo17S 
3/7/2017PUB PLC 10CPublic Policy for Crime, Cannabis, and Other DrugsApprovedSANoNo17S 
6/6/2017AN N EA 14WMedicine, Magic, and Science in Ancient TimesApprovedHANoNo17F 
6/6/2017ETHNMUS M73Music and Religion in Popular CultureApprovedHA; SA; VPNoNo17F 
6/6/2017FILM TV 4Introduction to Art and Technique of FilmmakingApprovedLC; VPNoNo17F 
6/6/2017LBR&WS 10Introduction to Labor and Workplace StudiesApprovedHA; SANoNo17F 
6/6/2017LIFESCI 7BGenetics, Evolution, and EcologyApproved  No17F 
6/6/2017MSC HST 69Music and PoliticsApprovedSA; VPNoNo17F 
6/6/2017MSC HST M73Music and Religion in Popular CultureApprovedHA; SA; VPNoNo17F 
6/6/2017THEATER 107Drama of DiversityApprovedLC; VPNoNo171 
6/6/2017WL ARTS 79Food Politics: Cultural Solutions to Political ProblemsApprovedSA; VPNoNo17F 
11/29/2017AF AMER 1Introduction to Black StudiesApprovedHA; LC; SANoNo18W 
11/29/2017AN N EA 98TIllustrating Underworld: Manufacture and Ownership of Afterlife MaterialityApprovedHA; LCNoYes18S 
11/29/2017CHEM 3Material WorldApprovedPSNoNo18W 
11/29/2017ENGL 98TWho Tells Your Story: Adaptation and 18th-Century EmpireApprovedLCNoYes18S 
11/29/2017ENGL 98TBritish Imperialism and AdaptationApproved  Yes18W 
11/29/2017ETHNMUS 98TMusic and Refugee CrisisApprovedLC; VPNoYes18W 
11/29/2017FILM TV 98TACinema and StateApprovedLCNoYes18W 
11/29/2017FRNCH 98TBMemory, Violence, and GenocideApprovedLCNoYes18S 
11/29/2017GEOG 98TGeographies of Extractive Capitalism: Mining and Minerals in Social and Political PerspectiveApprovedSANoYes18S 
11/29/2017HIST 98THistory of Maps in Early-Modern East AsiaApprovedHANoYes18W 
11/29/2017INTL DV 1Introduction to International Development StudiesApprovedSANoNo18F 
11/29/2017NURSING 98TCritical Perspectives and Health Promotion among RefugeesApprovedSANoYes18W 
11/29/2017PHILOS 9Principles of Critical ReasoningApprovedPLNoNo18F 
11/29/2017PHYSICS 5APhysics for Life Sciences Majors: Mechanics and EnergyApprovedPSNoNo18F 
11/29/2017PHYSICS 5BPhysics for Life Sciences Majors: Thermodynamics, Fluids, Waves, Light, and OpticsApprovedPSNoNo18F 
11/29/2017PHYSICS 5CPhysics for Life Sciences Majors: Electricity, Magnetism, and Modern PhysicsApprovedPSNoNo18F 
11/29/2017PSYCH 98TAHuman Development in Context of Social ClassApprovedLSNoYes18W 
11/29/2017SPAN 98TNever Again: Resisting Authoritarianism in South American NarrativesApprovedLC; VPNoYes18W 
11/29/2017WL ARTS 98TBody, Vulnerability, and Resistance in Middle EastApprovedSA; VPNoYes18S 
1/23/2018PUB PLC 10DPublic Policy and Urban HomelessnessApprovedHA; SANoNo18W 
2/12/2018AN N EA 162Archaeology, Identity, and BibleApprovedSANoNo18S 
2/12/2018ASIA AM 20WContemporary Asian American CommunitiesApprovedSANoNo18S 
2/12/2018ASIA AM 40WAsian American MovementApprovedHA; SANoNo18S 
2/12/2018ASIA AM 50WAsian American WomenApprovedSANoNo18S 
2/12/2018COM HLT 48Nutrition and Food Studies: Principles and PracticeApproved  No18S 
2/12/2018EDUC 98TEducational Resilience: Why Context MattersApprovedSANoYes18S 
2/12/2018ENGL 91DIntroduction to Graphic FictionApproved  No18S 
2/12/2018ENGL 100Ways of Reading RaceApprovedLCNoNo18S 
2/12/2018FILM TV 98TBGoing Viral: Zombies, Viruses, End of WorldApprovedLCNoYes18S 
2/12/2018JAPAN 80How Does It Move? Action and Moving Image in Modern JapanApprovedLC; VPNoNo18S 
2/12/2018PHILOS M24Language and IdentityApprovedPLNoNo19S 
2/12/2018PSYCH 98TBLove and Sex in 21st Century: Critical Look at Myths, Media, and MovementsApprovedSANoYes18S 
2/12/2018SOCIOL 98TMasters of Our Universe: Gatekeepers and Brokers in Our Everday LivesApprovedSANoYes18S 
2/12/2018SOCIOL 98TMasters of Our Universe: Gatekeepers and Brokers in Our Everday LivesApprovedSANoYes18S 
5/14/2018COM LIT 20Blockchain: Future of Absolutely EverythingApprovedSANoNo18F 
5/14/2018ENGL 11Introduction to American CulturesApprovedLC; SANoNo18F 
5/14/2018ENGL 87Topics in American CulturesApprovedLCNoNo18F 
5/14/2018HIST 14Atlantic World, 1492 to 1830ApprovedHA; LCNoNo18F 
5/14/2018KOREA 80Introduction to Korean CinemaApproved  No18F 
5/14/2018PUB AFF 10Social Problems and Social ChangeApprovedSANoNo18F 
5/14/2018SCAND 40Heroic Journey in Northern Myth, Legend, and EpicApprovedLCNoNo18F 
5/14/2018THEATER 107Drama of DiversityApproved NoNo18F 
1/18/2019AN N EA 15WWomen and Power in Ancient WorldApproved  No19W 
1/18/2019ANTHRO 98TAWorlds of Well-Being: Anthropological Perspectives on Health and HappinessApprovedSANoYes19W 
1/18/2019ANTHRO 98TBCultures of Mental Health in U.S.ApprovedSANoYes19W 
1/18/2019ANTHRO 98TCAnimals in Anthropology: Killer Bees, Mutant Mice, and Heroic HorsesApproved  Yes19W 
1/18/2019CHEM 98TClean Energy from Ground UpApprovedPSNoYes19W 
1/18/2019CLUSTER 48APolitical Violence in Modern World: Causes, Cases, and ConsequencesApproved  No19W 
1/18/2019CLUSTER 48BPolitical Violence in Modern World: Causes, Cases, and ConsequencesApproved  No19W 
1/18/2019CLUSTER 48CWPolitical Violence in Modern World: Causes, Cases, and Consequences -- Special TopicsApproved  No19W 
1/18/2019EDUC 11Education, Equality, and Future of American Society: Problems, Prospects, and PoliciesApprovedSANoNo19W 
1/18/2019EDUC 98TDiversifying University through Internationalization: New Directions, Challenges, and OpportunitiesApproved  Yes19W 
1/18/2019ETHNMUS 98TMusical Activism as Political ContestationApprovedLC; VPNoYes19W 
1/18/2019FILM TV 98TVideo Games, Aesthetics, and PoliticsApprovedLC; VPNoYes19W 
1/18/2019FRNCH 98TDecolonizing French Food through Literature and FilmApproved  Yes19W 
1/18/2019GENDER 98TViolence of Settler Colonialism and Indigenous Feminist Self-RepresentationApproved  Yes19W 
1/18/2019ISLM ST M50Islam and Other ReligionsApprovedLC; SANoNo19W 
1/18/2019ISLM ST M115Islam and Other ReligionsApproved  No19W 
1/18/2019JAPAN 98TPilgrims, Patrons, and Sacred: Ritual Participation in Japanese ReligionsApproved  Yes19W 
1/18/2019MUSCLG 98TPrince and (1980s U.S. Cultural) RevolutionApprovedSANoYes19W 
1/18/2019PSYCH 98TScience of Empathy: How Empathy Leads Us to Help--and Hurt--OthersApprovedLSNoYes19W 
1/18/2019RELIGN M115Islam and Other ReligionsApproved  No19W 
1/18/2019WL ARTS 98TCurating and Contemporary African ArtsApproved  Yes19W 
2/28/2019AN N EA M60Achaemenid Civilization and Empire of AlexanderApproved  No19S 
2/28/2019ANTHRO M67WMaking and Studying Modern Middle EastApprovedLCNoNo19S 
2/28/2019ENGL 100Ways of Reading RaceApprovedSANoNo19S 
2/28/2019HIST M60Achaemenid Civilization and Empire of AlexanderApproved  No19S 
2/28/2019ITALIAN 98TTransgressive Voices: Women Writers in Early Modern ItalyApprovedLCNoYes19S 
2/28/2019M E STD 50CWMMaking and Studying Modern Middle EastApprovedLCNoNo19S 
2/28/2019PUB AFF 30Comparative Analysis of Wealth, Policy, and PowerApprovedSANoNo19S 
2/28/2019RELIGN 55Spirit of MedicineApprovedSANoNo19S 
2/28/2019THEATER 98TAListening to Intimate Musical Performance: From Beethoven to BeyoncéApprovedVPNoYes19S 
2/28/2019THEATER 98TBPerforming Past: Embodying Queer TemporalityApprovedVPNoYes19S 
5/24/2019ART HIS 22Renaissance and Baroque ArtApproved  No191 
5/24/2019HIST 12CInequality: Global History of Anti-Colonial Thought and StruggleApprovedHA; SANoNo191 
5/24/2019MSC IND 29Music Documentary in History and PracticeApprovedVPNoNo19F 
5/24/2019MSC IND 55Songwriters on SongwritingApprovedVPNoNo19F 
6/20/2019MED 185Integrative East-West Medicine for Health and WellnessApprovedLSNoNo191 
11/26/2019AN N EA 98TAncient Aliens: Immigration and Identity in Ancient WorldApprovedHA; SANoYes20S 
11/26/2019ARCH&UD 98TRace, Myth, and Landscape: Design of White SupremacyApprovedVPNoYes20S 
11/26/2019ART HIS 30Arts of JapanApprovedHA; VPNoNo20W 
11/26/2019CLASSIC 98TGreek and Roman Women's LiteratureApprovedLC; SANoYes20S 
11/26/2019ENGL 98TACensoring Hollywood: Reading Cinema through Production CodeApprovedVPNoYes20W 
11/26/2019ENGL 98TBTranspacific Networks: Stories of Infrastructure and Built EnvironmentApprovedLCNoYes20S 
11/26/2019FILM TV 98TAYouth Culture and MTV: Technology, History, PoliticsApprovedVPNoYes20W 
11/26/2019FILM TV 98TBMedia Parks: Cinematic and Televisual History of Theme ParksApprovedVPNoYes20S 
11/26/2019HIST 98TFrom Colonialism to Call for Climate Justice: Environmental Histories of Modern South AsiaApprovedHANoYes20W 
11/26/2019ISLM ST M20Introduction to IslamApproved  No20F 
11/26/2019PHILOS 98TRationality and ContradictionApprovedPLNoYes20W 
11/26/2019PSYCH 98TAPsychology of Mob: How and Why Groups Behave Way They DoApprovedLSNoYes20W 
11/26/2019PSYCH 98TBPsychology of (Ir)Rational Decisions: Learning to Make Better Choices and Outsmart Your BiasesApprovedLSNoYes20W 
11/26/2019SPAN 98TContemporary Mexican and Central Migration and Question of Human RightsApprovedLCNoYes20W 
11/26/2019THEATER 98TRepresenting Apartheid: Cultural Production in South AfricaApprovedLC; VPNoYes20S 
11/26/2019WL ARTS 98TPost-Socialist PerformanceApprovedSA; VPNoYes20S 
1/6/2020EDUC 98TWhy Can't We All Just Get Along? Intergroup Processes duringMiddle ChildhoodApprovedSANoYes20S 
3/2/2020ECON 5Economics for EveryoneApprovedSANoNo20S 
3/2/2020MUSCLG 80Jewish American Experience through MusicApproved  No20S 
3/2/2020MUSCLG M82Music and Holocaust: Individual ExperienceApprovedLC; VPNoNo20S 
3/2/2020MUSCLG 98TConcert Halls, Clubs, and Cathedrals: Music and Acoustics in Performance SpacesApprovedVPNoYes20S 
3/2/2020NR EAST 65Global Time TravelApprovedLCNoNo20S 
11/9/2020ART HIS 21Medieval ArtApprovedHA; VPNoNo21W 
11/9/2020CHEM 14AEGeneral Chemistry for Life Scientists I--EnhancedApproved  No21W 
11/9/2020CHEM 14BEGeneral Chemistry for Life Scientists II--EnhancedApproved  No21W 
11/9/2020CHEM 98TIntersection of Science and Ethics: CRISPR, Case StudyApprovedLSNoYes21W 
11/9/2020ENGL 98TQueer Magic: Sexuality and Supernatural in LiteratureApproved  Yes21S 
11/9/2020FILM TV 98TBAnd the Winner is... Awards and Prestige in Arts, Media, and Popular CultureApprovedSANoYes21S 
11/9/2020MAT SCI 33Materials Structure and Technology in Archaeology and ArchitectureApprovedPSYesNo21S 
12/1/2020CHIN 98TListening to Subaltern through Multimedia: Voices of Ethnic Minorities in ChinaApproved  Yes21W 
12/1/2020FILM TV 98TAK-Drama: Korean Television on NetflixApprovedVPNoYes21W 
12/1/2020MUSCLG 98TSound as Gender Technique, Music, and TranssubjectivityApproved  Yes21W 
12/1/2020PSYCH 98TPsychology of Oppression and LiberationApprovedSANoYes21S 
12/10/2020GEOG 98TGeographies of Platform SocietyApprovedSANoYes21S 
12/10/2020GEOG 98TGeographies of Platform SocietyApprovedSANoYes21S 
2/16/2021AN N EA 98TWHow Smell Shapes our Worlds: Decolonizing Senses in Ancient Egypt and TodayApprovedSANoYes21S 
2/16/2021ASIA AM 98THorror Film, American Empire, and Racialized OtherApprovedSANoYes21S 
2/16/2021DANCE 98TAStand-Up Comedy and Social ChangeApprovedVPNoYes21S 
2/16/2021DANCE 98TBPerception, Attention, and Action in Postmodern Dance ImprovisationApprovedVPNoYes21S 
2/16/2021EE BIOL 21Field BiologyApprovedLS; PSYesNo211 
2/16/2021FOOD ST 35Visual Representations of Food from Antiquity to PresentApprovedVPNoNo21S 
2/16/2021POL SCI 98TPolitics of Climate Change MitigationApprovedSANoYes21S 
2/16/2021SOCIOL 98TWhat's in Pronoun? Doing and Undoing Gender Binary in Social InteractionApprovedSANoYes21S 
4/22/2021KOREA 75Introduction to Korean Literature and CultureApproved  No22S 
5/27/2021SEASIAN 50Southeast Asian Societies and CulturesApprovedHA; SANoNo211 
11/12/2021ANTHRO 98TGoverning from Below in Latin AmericaApprovedSANoYes22W 
11/12/2021ART 98TTraces, Ghosts, and other Unseen Phenomena in Contemporary ArtApproved  Yes22S 
11/12/2021EE BIOL 98THistory and Racism of Biology Research: Moving towards Anti-Racist Science FutureApproved  Yes22S 
11/12/2021FILM TV 98TVideo Games, Aesthetics, and PoliticsApproved  Yes22S 
11/12/2021HIST 98TBHistory, Memory, and Indigenous Territories in Colonial and Postcolonial MexicoApproved  Yes22S 
11/12/2021LIFESCI 30AMathematics for Life ScientistsApprovedLSYesNo22W 
11/12/2021MUSCLG 98TSound as Gender Technique, Music, and TranssubjectivityApproved  Yes22S 
11/12/2021PUB AFF 98TNo Justice, No Peace: Resistance and Public ServiceApproved  Yes22S 
11/12/2021SCAND 60Introduction to Nordic CinemaApprovedLC; VPNoNo22S 
11/12/2021SPAN 98TPolitical Violence in Comics: Truth, Testimony, and JusticeApprovedLC; VPNoYes22W 
11/12/2021STATS 15Introduction to Data ScienceApprovedPSYesNo22S 

** GE Cluster courses (and their Multiple Listed partners) are not included in the GE Master List

Code Foundation NamefoundationSubCategoryfoundationCategoryfoundationNameShort
LCArts & Humanities (Literary and Cultural Analysis)K1AHLiterary and Cultural Analysis
PLArts & Humanities (Philosophical and Linguistic Analysis)K2AHPhilosophical and Linguistic Analysis
VPArts & Humanities (Visual and Performance Arts Analysis and Practice)K3AHVisual and Performance Arts Analysis and Practice
LSScientific Inquiry (Life Sciences)M1SILife Sciences
PSScientific Inquiry (Physical Sciences)M2SIPhysical Sciences
HASociety and Culture (Historical Analysis)L1SCHistorical Analysis
SASociety and Culture (Social Analysis)L2SCSocial Analysis