We serve as the campus-wide advocate for undergraduate education, promoting academic success for UCLA’s diverse undergraduates by providing leadership to achieve the highest quality of teaching and learning and ensuring options for students to engage in a challenging array of educational opportunities, from foundational courses to advanced research and capstone projects.

Our collaborative work on behalf of students is guided by three broad goals:

  1. To enrich the quality of the undergraduate academic experience
    • Orient prospective and new students to life at UCLA
    • Promote standards of excellence across the undergraduate curriculum
    • Create and administer innovative academic programs
    • Engage and support faculty in developing interdisciplinary curricular programs and new approaches to evaluating learning and teaching
    • Enhance learning and teaching by incorporating new technologies and alternative instructional modes
  2. To help students discover personally meaningful pathways to timely degree completion
    • Ensure sufficient course availability
    • Provide student scholarships and other funding opportunities
    • Guide students in making well-informed choices related to academic planning and degree progress
    • Assist students as they navigate the unique issues associated with different stages of their undergraduate careers
    • Encourage engagement in academic enrichment activities
  3. To prepare students for life after college
    • Make available an array of internship and applied curricular opportunities
    • Support students in demonstrating their strengths and accomplishments to prospective employers and/or graduate and professional school admissions’ committees
    • Cultivate in students an appreciation of, and connection with, their diverse urban surroundings
    • Work with faculty and others to develop programs that promote students’ academic, personal, and professional development
    • Instill in students a sense of responsibility for contributing to the wellbeing of their local and global communities

Ultimately, we believe in students. We are here for them. And we encourage them to view their undergraduate years as the beginning of a lifetime connection with UCLA. Opportunities abound to build personal relationships, expand professional networks, further intellectual pursuits, and serve others.