Academic Counseling

Entering freshmen and transfer students receive advising during Orientation and continuing students are assigned to one of several counseling units sponsored by the division.

Counseling is provided through individual appointments and group workshops. Counseling staff includes full-time professional staff, graduate student Counseling Assistants, and peer counselors.

Learning Support

Peer learning groups are offered through both the Academic Advancement Program and Academics in the Commons. Academics in the Commons also offer workshops in a variety of topics to assist undergraduates in developing skills and strategies for personal academic success.

Community College Programs

The Division also sponsors two programs that work with community colleges. The Center for Community College Partnerships is responsible for developing and strengthening academic partnerships between UCLA and California community colleges, particularly in UCLA’s service area. The Transfer Alliance Program works closely with member colleges to facilitate the transfer of students who complete an honors curriculum at those colleges.

Innovative Instructional Programs

These programs are designed to enrich the educational experience of undergraduate students and transcend the boundaries of the four academic divisions in the College.

Instructional Development Programs

These programs seek to improve learning and teaching. Included among the programs are Classroom Services, Faculty Instructional Improvement Grants, Educational Technology programs and Teaching Assistant training programs. In addition, the Center for Educational Assessment conducts comprehensive evaluations of the curricular and programmatic efforts to improve the quality of undergraduate education at UCLA.

Undergraduate Research

The Division has two Undergraduate Research Centers, one on north campus serving students in the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, and one on south campus, serving students in Science, Engineering and Math. The Undergraduate Research Centers are responsible for administering the Student Research Program, organizing workshops that promote undergraduate research, scholarship programs and sponsoring events that celebrate undergraduate achievement in research.

Undergraduate Scholarships

The Division has an endowment of nearly $60 million and awards approximately $3.2 million dollars annually in undergraduate scholarships to students involved in enrichment activities such as research, Honors, and AAP as well as honors students entering from area community colleges.