Four years

To fulfill a four-year degree at a highly selective research university such as UCLA is a badge of honor and a singular and noteworthy achievement. With only a few exceptions, all UCLA undergraduate degrees are designed to be completed with 180 units taken across 12 quarters of enrollment. By planning for four years you can assume:

  • Standard financial obligations
  • Single or, with planning, a double major and minor options
  • Extensive curricular and co-curricular enrichment activities
  • Minimal need for AP/summer sessions/community college credits required

Three years

To fulfill a four-year degree in three years is a grueling, accelerated schedule that should only be pursued in extenuating circumstances. During each quarter of enrollment, students will have to take more courses than the majority of the other students in their classes. There are no unique privileges to students pursuing a three-year path. However, some high-achieving UCLA students do successfully complete all of their graduation requirements in three years. By planning for three years you can assume:

  • Significantly reduced financial obligations
  • Single major unchanged from first year
  • Strategically selected curricular and co-curricular enrichment activities
  • Extensive AP/summer sessions/community college credit is often required