UCLA has many resources available to you as you pursue your degree planning.

  1. For most students, New Student Orientation will provide the first opportunity to work with trained counselors on your degree plans. New Student Advisors will assist you with course planning and major plans during your session, and New Student Mentors during the school year can provide ongoing academic support including connecting you with your departmental and school/college counselors.
  2. Early in your academic career, you should introduce yourself to the academic advisor assigned to your major. These staff members are located in departmental offices. As you move through your academic program, check in periodically to make sure you are on track.
  3. The College of Letters and Science and each professional school have advising offices. The professional staff members located in these offices are available to you.
  4. Students eligible for the Academic Advancement Program can work with the staff located in Campbell Hall for academic advising, graduate school mentoring, peer learning, and other programs designed to help students succeed.
  5. Members of College Honors can work with College counselors in Murphy Hall for academic advising to ensure they meet the requirements of the program while completing their degree requirements.