Is my intended major suited to a three or four year degree?

Our data on student time to degree shows that students who graduate in less than four years tend to stick to the major that they initiated their fall quarter freshman year. The majors identified on this list can be completed in less than four years. This list is not intended to be exhaustive. We encourage you to see a counselor if you intend to pursue a major in under four years.

As a rule, highly structured majors that are dependent upon many prerequisites and sequenced courses are far more difficult to complete in three years than less rigid ones.

If I don’t have AP or community college credit can I still graduate in three years?

Yes, the majors we have outlined in this list are all based on the assumption that the student has not earned any eligible credit prior to entering UCLA. However, your regimen will be less demanding if you are able to apply external credit.

Will the College Summer Institute (CSI) enable me to accelerate my path to graduation?

Yes, CSI is designed to provide courses relevant to many curricula during the summer before the Freshman year and to give students a head start to their college careers.

Do I have to take Summer Sessions to finish in less than 4 years?

You don’t have to but we believe it certainly helps students to catch up, keep up, or get ahead. Approximately 80% of all UCLA undergraduate students enroll in Summer Sessions at least once during their academic career.

Do I have to make a formal commitment to finishing in four years?

No. We encourage you to seek the advice of a counselor if you embark on such a plan but there is no formal commitment required of you.

Can I get preferred registration if I plan to graduate in three years?

No. Your registration status remains the same. However, you will likely be accumulating units at a much higher rate than your colleagues so your course registration priority will improve quickly.

Are their financial advantages to graduating in three years?

Yes. At this time, your fees per quarter are the same, no matter how many classes you take. Thus if you accumulate enough units to qualify for a UCLA undergraduate degree in less than 4 years, you will likely spend less money for your education.

Can I take advantage of other important activities such as Study Abroad, or civic engagement and undergraduate research if I pursue a three-year degree?

Yes, but you will likely have to engage in these activities in moderation.

Will there be services available to me if I find my schedule too stressful?

Yes. We encourage all students to use our free counseling services if the weight of their academic schedule becomes excessively onerous.